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Donald Trump

The Best Quotes From the 2016 Presidential Candidates at the Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner "Roast"

Each year the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner is held in honor of its respective foundation to benefit the women and children of the Archdiocese of New York. Read More »

Twitter Reclaims Donald Trump's 'Nasty Woman' Debate Comment With These Messages of Feminism

Thanks to Donald Trump's comments during Wednesday night's third presidential debate, the Internet is rallying around the nastiest presidential candidate in history, Hillary Clinton. Read More »

Women Who Support Trump Clap Back at Haters On Twitter Using #WomenWhoVoteTrump

In light of revelations of past sexual assault allegations and misogynistic comments, there's been much discussion of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's treatment of women. Read More »

"Enough Is Enough": Michelle Obama Tears Into Trump in Devasting Speech

In an emotionally powerful speech Thursday, First Lady Michelle Obama issued a blistering critique of Donald Trump, dismantling each of the excuses the Republican presidential nominee and his surrogates have presented in defense of his licentious sexual comments and alleged predatory behavior tow Read More »

A Republican Woman Just Took Down Sexism in Her Party in the Ultimate Tweet Thread

In the days since the release of a tape featuring Donald Trump's sexist comments about assaulting women, there's been a lot of chatter about the man chosen by the Republican Party to be its nominee for president. Read More »

Trump Supporters Tweet #RepealThe19th to Protest Women's Voting Rights

A map by FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver went viral on Tuesday. Read More »

Women Are Rallying Under #NotOkay to Share Their Stories of Sexual Assault Following Trump Tape Leak

After a leaked video of Donald Trump making repellant comments about women hit the Internet (and promptly scattered the Republican Party) on Friday, Canadian writer Kelly Oxford tweeted about her own sexual assault in response — and encouraged other women to do the same. Read More »

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So Who Really Won the Debate? Moderator Martha Raddatz Did

It's inevitable that presidential debates get a little messy — and Sunday's second presidential debate was no exception. Read More »

Internet Users Agree On One Thing: The Final Debate Question Was the Highlight of the Night

Despite a rocky start to the second presidential debate, with no handshake between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Sunday, the night definitely (and surprisingly) did not end as it began. Read More »

Why Do Women Support Trump? 12 of His Supporters Explain

Donald Trump's campaign has not made outreach to women voters a priority, to put it mildly. The Republican presidential front-runner has insulted rivals, women reporters, the wives of fellow candidates, and he has a long, documented history of making misogynistic statements. Read More »