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8 Best Colleges for Budding Feminists

For those who choose to go after a higher education, there's more to college than just showing up to lectures and classes. Read More »

Donna Shalala Delivers Two Commencement Addresses

University of Miami president and MAKER Donna Shalala delivered two commencement addresses Saturday at the University of Miami for students in the School of Law and the Miller School of Medicine, the Read More »

This #TBT, Influencers Around the World Are Sharing Their School Photos for an Amazing Cause

On Thursday, women and men around the world posted their school photos to Twitter, rallying for the universal right to education. In many parts of the world, people take school for granted, but it’s not a given for everyone. Read More »

Feminist YouTube Stars Who Will Make You Laugh and Help You Learn

The feminist revolution isn’t just happening on the big screen. As YouTube stars are amassing giant fan bases, they’re also gaining more recognition from major networks and media, making them powerful voices for whatever cause they choose to promote. Read More »

Malala Condemns Peshawar Attack on School

On Tuesday, Taliban militants attacked a school in Peshawar, Pakistan, the BBC reports. It was the deadliest attack by the Taliban in Pakistan, killing 141 people, 132 of them children. Read More »

LEGO Debuts 'Research Institute,' A Set of Adventurous Female Scientists

In January, 7-year-old Charlotte wrote a stern letter to LEGO. “Today I went to a store and saw legos in two sections. The pink (girls) and the blue (boys). Read More »

MAKERS Stands With Malala

On Malala Day, the 17-year-old human rights and education activist meets with Nigerian schoolgirls who escaped abduction and the families of those who are still missing. She also spreads a message of hope: we are #strongerthan the enemies of education.  Read More »

Why I'm A Teacher

To understand why I am a teacher, all you have to do is meet Nikki. She is that one special person in my life who inspired me to become a special education teacher. Read More »

Congratulations to MAKERS Excellence in Education Award Winner!

We are pleased to announced the winner of the MAKERS Excellence in Education Award. Congratulations to... Read More »