Election 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump Has Picked His First Female Administration Member

President-elect Donald Trump has so far chosen an all white, male cabinet — until recently, when he tapped South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to be Ambassador to the United Nations. Read More »

Demi Moore On Why the Arts are More Valuable Than Ever After the Election

Donald Trump's presidential victory has been met with both protests and rejoicing, proving, to many observers, just how divided the American people are. At a screening of director David O. Read More »

Hillary Clinton Still Dominates the Popular Vote

For those of you #StillWithHer, Hillary Clinton's lead in popular votes is still growing — nearing 2 million. Read More »

Will Donald Trump's Cabinet Represent Men and Women Equally?

Since the day after the election, President-elect Donald Trump has been working to decide who will make up the Trump administration. Read More »

Hundreds of Thousands of Women Plan to March on Washington in January 2017

In the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election results, protestors and petition signers were ready to Read More »

Post-Election Recap: Let's Get to Work, and Here's How

Countless reactions from Americans and citizens around the world have poured in across the Internet and social media platforms since the election results were announced early Wednesday morning. Read More »

How You Can Help Protect Rights That Need Defending Now

If you're trying to figure out what to do with yourself now that the election is finally over, you're not alone. Read More »

PepsiCo Employees Ask CEO Indra Nooyi "Are We Safe?" After Election Results

PepsiCo CEO and MAKER Indra Nooyi spoke at the DealBook Conference on Thursday in New York City and explained how she is doing her best to reassure all of her female employees that everything is going to be okay, despite the election results. Read More »

Nearly 4.3M People Signed a Petition to "Make Hillary Clinton President On December 19"

There has been quite the mix of emotions in the United States (and in the world) since President-elect Donald Trump made his victory speech on Novemb Read More »

MAKERS Women's Guide: How to Remain Positive Post-Election 2016

For many people in America, the result of this election is said to be an "unexpected tragedy," which has triggered many mixed emotions that may be difficult to deal with. Read More »