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Hollywood Stars Wore Blue Ribbons to the Oscars for This Incredible Reason

"Who ever thought we'd be fashion icons?" the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tweeted during the 89th Academy Awards: Who ever thought we'd... Read More »

Emma Stone Reveals Directors Stole Her Jokes and Gave Them to Her Male Costars

Emma Stone is one of the funniest thespians in Hollywood, hands down; she has brilliant timing and unparalleled charisma. If you haven't seen La La La... Read More »

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Emma Stone and Jennifer Aniston Get Real in Their "SNL" Skit About Equal Pay

Equal pay is a major i ue in Hollywood and industries acro the board, with women older than 36 earning as much as 76 percent le than their male coll... Read More »

6 Famous Female Dropouts

Did you know some of the world's most succe ful men and women were college dropouts? As Harvard dropout Bill Gates would tell you, "To win big, you so... Read More »

Emma Stone Says Her “Eyes Have Been Opened” by Aloha Controversy

By: JOANNA ROBINSON When Aloha opened to much criticism last month, director Cameron Crowe addre ed the controversy surrounding his decision to cast E... Read More »