FDNY Gains 5 More Female Firefighters

According to the NY Daily News, in 1982, 41 women were hired by the FDNY through a gender discrimination lawsuit that ushered in New York City's first... Read More »

Regina Wilson: Extinguishing Sexism in the FDNY

Regina Wilson has been making history since she graduated from the New York Fire Academy in 1999, where she was the only woman in her graduating cla .... Read More »

Be The Hero: Get to Know Regina Wilson's Story

Regina Wilson was only the 12th African-American woman to join the FDNY when she entered the force in 1999. During the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, she w... Read More »

FDNY Swears in First Openly Gay, First Female Chaplain

The New York Fire Department is a historically homogeneous force: until 1977, the department banned women from service. And when women like Brenda Ber... Read More »

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