Zainab Salbi Shares How Companies Can Help End Violence Against Women and Sexual Harassment

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Kweilin Ellingrud Discusses the Power of Parity; Gives Business Case for Gender Equality

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Intersex Traits Are Not All That Uncommon, Says Science

While many of us are brought up to believe there are only two sexes and therefore two genders, our society is quickly becoming non-binary. Nothing is... Read More »

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Is the Gender Wage Gap a Reflection of the Manager Divide? Studies Say Yes

According to a recent study on gender equity conducted by Visier, despite the small 8 percent improvement in the wage gap over the last 20 years, rese... Read More »

Get Ready for Apple's New Women Focused Features

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An Oregon Court Just Legally Recognized the First American as Nonbinary

One Oregon court just made history. When Jamie made their way to a Portland circuit court to petition their gender identity, they expected a challenge... Read More »

The United State of Women: Follow MAKERS' Live Social Coverage of the Summit

MAKERS is excited to be attending the¬†United State of Women summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The summit, convened by¬†First Lady Michelle Obama,... Read More »

Cate Blanchett Is Tired of the Same Old Conversation About Women in Hollywood

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