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There's a Gender Failure Gap—Here's How We Can Close It

I've wasted a lot of time in my life being afraid of failure. I gave up studying foreign languages because I was afraid to speak and use the wrong vocabulary word. I stopped playing pool, chess, and countless other silly card games because I couldn't bear the thought of making a poor play. Read More »

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Lab Candy Allows Girls to Imagine Themselves as Scientists

Lab Candy, founded by 22-year-old scientist, Olivia Pavco-Giacci, aims to enable young girls aged from kindergarten to third grade to imagine themselves as scientists. Read More »

Women Professors' Salaries Have Gone Up More Than Men's — But the Wage Gap Is Still Widening

A new "Chronicle of Higher Education" analysis of U.S. Education Department data reveals some seemingly good news: The salaries of women in academia are going up. Read More »

What to Do When the Wage Gap Comes for You

Last month, Glamour invited 12 brave men and women to reveal their salary to someone in a similar position with a similar level of experience — but of the opposite gender. Read More »

Lead "Big Bang Theory" Cast Members Will Take Paycuts to Help Female Castmates

After being on the show since episode 1 of season 1, the now 10-season veterans of " Read More »

World's Largest Mining Company Works to Bridge the Gender Gap

According to Fortune, BHP Billiton announced a new plan to diversify an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated. Read More »

THIS Is How Much It Costs to Have a Baby

By Suzannah Weiss Read More »

Calculate Exactly How Much It Will Cost to Stay at Home With Your Children

According to research by the think tank Center for American Progress, staying home to take care of your children may cost more than childcare — yet another reason to value the work of nannies and bab Read More »