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World's Largest Mining Company Works to Bridge the Gender Gap

According to Fortune, BHP Billiton announced a new plan to diversify an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated. Read More »

THIS Is How Much It Costs to Have a Baby

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Calculate Exactly How Much It Will Cost to Stay at Home With Your Children

According to research by the think tank Center for American Progress, staying home to take care of your children may cost more than childcare — yet another reason to value the work of nannies and bab Read More »

5 Headlines You Won't See On Equal Pay Day

Unlike celebratory holidays like National Pet Day and National Sibling Day, today's Equal Pay Day is anything but cause for celebration, especially since some estimates show the gender wage gap will not close until year Read More »

Women Make More Money With These College Majors Than Men

The fight to to close the gender gap is a hurdle that has yet to be overcome in American society.  Read More »

What's Holding Women Back From Succeeding in the Workplace?

The gender gap in the workplace is nothing new, but there could be a deeper reason as to why there aren't enough women in top-paying and high-ranking roles. Read More »

ACLU Cracks Down On Hollywood's Gender Bias

The American Civil Liberties Union annouced Tuesday that it is cracking down on discrimination against women by investigating hiring practices of major Hollywood studios, networks, and talent agencies. Read More »

Why “John” Still Gets More Jobs Than “Jennifer” (Yes, in 2015)

Implicit gender bias—a negative feeling or stereotyped view that is held unconsciously—is alive and well in the workplace, and because it’s subtle, it can be harder to root out. Read More »