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New Study Reveals the Annual Cost of the Gender Pay Gap

Leading up to Equal Pay Day at the beginning of April, the National Partnership for Women and Families released extensive research on " Read More »

Even Job Listings Are Sexist — Here's How

The exclusion of women from male-dominated industries and leadership roles happens at every stage of their lives, from discouragement in school to bias in job interviews. And one overlooked but major source of gender inequality in the workplace is the wording on job ads. Read More »

Depressing Report Says Only 7 Percent of CEOs at the Largest Companies Are Women

Women continue to make strides in the corporate leadership arena, but a recent Fortune report reveals we still have a long way to go: 93 percent of the world's biggest corporations are still led by men. Read More »

5 Headlines You Won't See On Equal Pay Day

Unlike celebratory holidays like National Pet Day and National Sibling Day, today's Equal Pay Day is anything but cause for celebration, especially since some estimates show the gender wage gap will not close until year Read More »

For Latinas, the Gender Wage Gap Is More Than $1M

The fact that American women earn an average of 79 cents to every dollar a man makes may already seem absolutely miscalculated. But that gender wage gap actually grows a whole lot wider over time, especially for women of color. Read More »