German Chancellor Angela Merkel Calls for Ban On Full-Face Veils

German¬†Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ban on full-face veils on Tuesday, saying she'll protect Germany against future refugee waves,¬†Bloomberg¬†... Read More »

Angela Merkel Announces Fourth Term as German Chancellor

Angel Merkel, one of the world's most powerful women, announced she will be running in 2017's federal elections, and has since made it clear that she... Read More »

Yet Another Country Proposes Ban On Full-Face Veil

In a proposed restriction not unlike France's recent ban on the burkini, Germany will soon be drafting up a plan for the partial prohibition (or "burk... Read More »

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This Is the First Time the UK and Germany Have Had Women as Leaders at the Same Time

For the first time in history, the two arguably most powerful women in Europe are leading their nations at the same time. While Theresa May, the woman... Read More »

German Trains to Offer "Women and Children Only" Train Cars

Germany just joined a handful of nations like India, Egypt, and Mexico offering segregated train cars for men and women. Recently a German train opera... Read More »