Google Doodle Celebrates Life of Edmonia Lewis

Today, Google's homepage Doodle is of Edmonia Lewis, a 19th century American sculptor who was the first woman of African American and Native American herita Read More »

Meet Bessie Coleman: The First African-American Female Pilot

Born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas, Bessie Coleman was unaware of the barriers she would break for African-American women in her lifetime. Read More »

Black Girls Code Is Moving Into Google's New York Offices

This might be one of the most exciting moves of the year yet. Read More »

9 Facts About Brave Journalist Ida B. Wells

Thursday's Google Doodle was dedicated to the intelligent and brave journalist, Ida B. Wells. Her world was plagued with injustice and cruelty, but luckily she was bold enough to fight back while inspiring others. Learn a little more about Ida's story below: Read More »

Hillary Clinton Assembles a Team of Female Digital Strategists for Her Impending Campaign

Obama may be our first social media-savvy president, but Hillary Clinton may just improve on his digital campaigning strategy. Read More »

Google Hires Wall Street Powerhouse Ruth Porat as CFO

On Tuesday, Google announced the hire of Morgan Stanley chief financial officer Ruth Porat, who has been called "the most powerful woman on Wall Street." Read More »

How Search Engines Reveal Worldwide Sexism

The editor of exposes an incriminating search result. Read More »

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Google I/O: 7 Techmakers and a Microphone

At MAKERS, we get super excited when we see women motivating other women in the tech industry. So we're beyond excited to tune-in to Google I/O Session, 7 Techmakers and a Microphone. Read More »

WATCH: Meet MAKERS @Google

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to speak at the Women @Google Summit, a gathering of Google executives who came together to network, exchange ideas, and learn. The group that gathered was incredibly supportive of what we’re doing with MAKERS. After my presentation, a number of people approached me and suggested great Google women I should interview about their contributions to the world through science and technology - women who have created startups, computer languages, world-class products, and even new fields of study.  Read More »