We Need to Talk About Nail Health

When sitting in the nail salon, you might sometimes get lightheaded and start thinking, why? What exactly is in nail polish, and why are we never questioning it? Read More »

Five of the Latest Female Health Trends Worth Knowing

It's no secret that women's health trends come and go — often too soon for them to acquire much staying power beyond the latest fad diet. Check out five of the latest ones getting lots of buzz that are worthy of a share. 1. Oil pulling Read More »

Demi Lovato: 'It Is Possible to Live Well' with Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato has a message for the public: It’s possible to have bipolar disorder and lead a happy life. Read More »

MAKER Arianna Huffington Introduces Thrive Global

MAKER Arianna Huffington is hoping to turn a good night's sleep into the corporate world's most celebrated productivity tool. Read More »

People in These 5 U.S. Cities Are Happiest and Healthiest

City living may be stressful, but it can also be pretty dang good for you if you live in a health-focused area. Read More »

Yes, It's Sexist to Speculate About Hillary Clinton's Health

"Doesn't she look tired?" has always been code for "this woman is weak," and now Trump supporters are using it to attack Hillary Clinton's health. Read More »

Why More American Women Are Dying During Childbirth

You would expect that as time goes on and medicine advances, the things people used to die from would present less of a risk — particularly everyday, normal processes like childbirth. And in most parts of the world, that's true: The proportion of women dying while in labor is decreasing. Read More »

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Here's Your Opportunity to Live Well and Meditate With Oprah... For Free

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How South Carolina's 'Viagra Bill' Mirrors Abortion Laws

In South Carolina, Representative Mia McLeod alongside a subcommittee of House Democrats proposed a bill that would require men seeking a prescription for Viagra to confront the same hurdles a woman must endure when seeking an abortion. Read More »

Meet the Women Who Dominated the 2015 New York City Marathon

By Meredith Lepore While you were laying in bed on Sunday morning, regretting how much sugar you ate on Halloween night, some women out there were accomplishing seriously amazing feats. Read More »