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Hillary Clinton

Women Who Fought for Our Equality

Some of the courageous women who have argued for better safety, fair pay, and reproductive rights. Read More »

Chelsea Clinton Shares the Best Internet Advice With Her Mom

Whether you're a presidential candidate or a stay-at-home mother, there's one thing every parent can agree on: there's nothing quite like receiving support from your children. Read More »

Here's What Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem Had to Say About Sexism in Politics

"The voting booth is the only place on Earth where the least powerful and the most powerful are equal," feminist activist Gloria Steinem told Katie Couric on Y Read More »

Yes, It's Sexist to Speculate About Hillary Clinton's Health

"Doesn't she look tired?" has always been code for "this woman is weak," and now Trump supporters are using it to attack Hillary Clinton's health. Read More »

Breaking the Political Glass Ceiling: Women in Power Around the World

There's history in the making with the possibility for the first female President of the United States.  Read More »

Why These Republican Women Are for Hillary — and How the GOP Is "Losing" Young Conservatives

If you're a young Republican woman, firmly believing in limited government, free market capitalism, a strong national defense, and the same basic liberties for all, what are you to do when your party nominates Donald Trump? Read More »

What Every Woman Needs to Know About the Democratic National Convention

// The Democratic National Convention will take place July 25-28 // Read More »

How Diverse Were the RNC and DNC?

After the Republican and Democratic National Conventions finished, it was hard not to step back and notice the di Read More »