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Hillary Clinton

Words from the World's First Women in Power

Even with all the heat that comes with any election season, it is important to slow down and remember the history that's being made. Read More »

Not a Politics Junkie? Here's What You Need to Know Before the First Debate

Though it feels like an eternity since politicians on both sides of the aisle began announcing their intent to run for president in 2016, the campaigning comes to a head tomorrow with the real kickoff to the general election: the first presidential debate. Read More »

Regarding the Clinton Campaign, Obama Thinks America Still Struggles with Women in Power

While President Obama is hopeful about Hillary Clinton's election, he told her fundraiser in New York that he doesn't believe the polls between candidates should be this close — unless the na Read More »

Sheryl Sandberg Is Reportedly Being Considered for a Top Job in Clinton's Cabinet

As the 2016 election draws closer, speculation is rising around who Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton would appoint to major political positions if one becomes president. Read More »

Let Obama's Female Staffers Teach You How to Be Heard in a Male-Dominated Setting

"Amplification" is the new "lean in." Read More »

There's a Completely Understandable Reason Hillary Clinton Has Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. Read More »

After Decades of Democratic Opposition, Dallas Morning News Is 'With Her'

"Résumé vs. résumé, judgment vs. judgment, this election is no contest," writes the editorial board of the The Dallas Morning News. Read More »

This Is What Hillary Clinton's Mental Health Plan Means for Women

Hillary Clinton's new comprehensive mental health agenda promises to address many topics surrounding the United States' mental health crisis, ensuring its continued treatment as a national priority, beginning with the conv Read More »

Women Who Fought for Our Equality

Some of the courageous women who have argued for better safety, fair pay, and reproductive rights. Read More »

Chelsea Clinton Shares the Best Internet Advice With Her Mom

Whether you're a presidential candidate or a stay-at-home mother, there's one thing every parent can agree on: there's nothing quite like receiving support from your children. Read More »