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Huffington Post

"The Zainab Salbi Project" Series Gives a Voice to People in Conflict Around the World

Founder of Women for Women International, MAKER Zainab Salbi is releasing a new project that couldn't have emerged at a better time. Read More »

Kristen Bell's Video About Women in the Office is On Point

Kristen Bell just set the perfect tone for women in the office. When it comes to combating frustrating realities that women face in the workforce – you know, unfair wages, lack of promotions, and varied paid maternity leave policies. Sometimes you just have to laugh about it. Read More »

9 Important Open Essays By Female Celebrities You Must Read

Another day, another celebrity-penned essay published. And with great reason. In the latest essay, penned by Lady Gaga, the musician, actress, and activist opens up about what it means to be a woman in today's society. Read More »