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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Shares the 5 Incredible Women Who Inspire Her

Discover who actress Jessica Alba looks to for inspiration, fashion advice, and so much more. 1. Tory Burch, designer  "She's been a mentor, just talking me through business operationally. Whenever I've had challenges, she advises me to take the high road." Read More »

7 Incredibly Useful Career Tips From Women Who Know What They're Talking About

These secrets of SELF Made women will help spark big ideas and bold career moves. Read More »

Jessica Alba Among 40 Wealthiest Self-Made Women in the U.S.

Actress Jessica Alba is listed among the 40 wealthiest self-made women in the country. Read More »

How One Handbag Is Doing a World of Good for Girls

What's a handbag got to do with #girlpower? I travel to Guatemala with Jessica Alba and designer Rebecca Minkoff to get the scoop. Read More »

Jessica Alba Talks Motherhood and High Expectations

As one of Hollywood's notable starlets, an incredibly successful businesswoman of a $1 billion dollar company, and family woman, Jessica Alba seems to effortlessly epitomize the modern women. Read More »