Katie Couric

Katie Couric to Emcee the New York Women in Communications' 2017 Matrix Awards

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Katie Couric On Her Film "Gender Revolution"

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Here's What Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem Had to Say About Sexism in Politics

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Women in Politics On Katie Couric Podcast; Discusses Secret Revealed in Hillary Clinton's Published Emails

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Celebrating Women Creators with Katie Couric

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The 2016 MAKERS Conference: Get to Know Katie Couric

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Lena Dunham Explains Why She Quit Twitter But Not Instagram

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Katie Couric Reports On Harper Lee's Long Lost Novel

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What Katie Couric's New Yahoo! Deal Really Means

Katie Couric's new deal with Yahoo! will make her among one of the top paid women in the news industry. Her $4 million raise, which puts her annual ea... Read More »

Katie Couric to Deliver UW-Madison's Commencement Speech

Award-winning journalist and TV personality Katie Couric will speak at the University of Wisconsin-Madison's commencement May 16. The spring 2015 comm... Read More »