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#MadeByMAKERS: Female Beauty Makers

Amp up your beauty regimen this season by trying some of these skin care products made for women, by women. To help these women gain even more momentum in the beauty industry, keep an eye out for their products online and in select stores. Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Shoemakers and Designers

We're celebrating shoemakers and shoe designers by featuring some of their most fashionable footwear in the gallery above.  Tell us, who would you like to see featured in this gallery? Use the hashtag #MadeByMAKERS to nominate them, and we'll add them to our growing gallery above. Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Candy Makers

Move over, Queen Frostine, Princess Lolly and Gramma Nutt — we're making a Candy Land of our own creation on Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Beer Makers

It's no secret that craft beers have taken the beverage world by storm, with thousands of microbreweries popping up around the country in the past few years alone. Read More »

The Pivot: Natasha Case, Co-Founder and CEO of Coolhaus

Natasha Case had a nightmare just the other night — her first in years. Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Music Makers

Are you ready to make some noise?  Let's hear it for these female musicians in the gallery above.  Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Ice Cream Makers

Who doesn't scream for ice cream? We're celebrating female ice cream makers by featuring some of their finest creations and flavors.  Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Female Jewelry Makers

We're celebrating jewelry makers by featuring some of their fine earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more in the gallery above.  Read More »

#MadeByMAKERS: Women Winemakers

We're celebrating women in the wine industry by featuring some of their wines in the gallery above.  Read More »