Makers Conference 2014

The Music From The 2014 MAKERS Conference

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The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Tim Armstrong Interviews Sam Gordon

At the 2014 MAKERS Conference, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong sat down with 11-year-old football star Sam Gordon and her father Brent Gordon. Watch their discu... Read More »

20 Memorable Quotes From The 2014 MAKERS Conference

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25 Memorable photos from The MAKERS Conference

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Helping to set the agenda: Photo highlights of The MAKERS Conference speakers

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Gabrielle Giffords: Resilience in the face of violence

Former US Representative Gabrielle Giffords became known for her resilience in the face of violence after a shooting at a local event that left six de... Read More »

Mae Jemison, Cady Coleman and Maria Klawe: How to get more women in STEM

"The technical women stand out as some of the most undertold stories," begins Google's Megan Smith before sitting down with three of those techincal w... Read More »

Gwynne Shotwell: The importance of science, tech, engineering and math

Gwynne Shotwell described herself as having been a "cluele " teen who didn't realize the importance of STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) righ... Read More »

Megan Smith: Why we need women in STE[A]M

"Kids need to understand how to not just be consumers of this technology, but to be MAKERS." Megan Smith told The MAKERS Conferene that she's on a mi... Read More »

Maria Eitel: The Girl Declaration

"All of us in this room had really big dreams as a girl, and it's now our turn to give each of those girls living in poverty a chance to live her drea... Read More »