Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Land Their Very Own Dinner Party TV Series

The highlight of this week (so far) has almost definitely arrived: Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are coming to VH1 this fall with their own TV series,... Read More »

Martha Is The New Character: A New Inmate Will Join Season 3 Of Orange Is The New Black

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Martha Stewart's Advice for a Fabulous Career

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MAKERS Take On the Ice Bucket Challenge

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Matt Lauer Asks, Is Female Work-Life Balance a Taboo Subject?

When Matt Lauer interviewed General Motors CEO Mary Barra last week, he asked her if she could both run her company and be a mother. He wondered, "Can... Read More »

Five Views on Dads & Daughters

How is a woman influenced by the relationship she has with her father? Has the concept of fatherhood changed over the last half-century, as both women... Read More »