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India Just Made a Bill That Gives Women 26 Weeks of Paid Maternity Leave

India just created a new extended policy giving women 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. Hoping to fix the problem that only 27 percent of women work — costing India 2.5 percentage points of gross domestic product per year — India's new policy works to allow more women to work. Read More »

These Countries Have the Best Maternity Leave Policies in the World

Out of the world's 196 countries, the United States is unfortunately only one of four that has no federally mandated policy to give new mothers paid time off. Read More »

Can You Get Fired On Maternity Leave?

By Michelle Ruiz Read More »

These 5 Companies Are Killing It With Their New Parental Leave Policies

It has been a game-changing year for parental leave policies. Major companies are finally catching on that working parents deserve some serious benefits. Read More »

1 Out of 4 New Mothers Are Returning to Work Less Than Two Weeks After Giving Birth

Women are forcing themselves to shorten or skip out entirely on maternity leave because the United States doesn't enforce paid maternity leave policy – and a new analysis proves it. Read More »

Adobe Expands Maternity Leave to 26 Weeks

Last week, media provider Netflix took charge of its leave policies, extending its maternity and paternity leave time to "unlimited" during a newborn's first year causing shock waves around Silic Read More »