Officially launched in April 2017, MAKERS Men is a new video series from MAKERS that profiles the incredible men who are helping women to advance in s... Read More »

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The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Introducing MAKERS Men

MAKERS is proud to announce its new MAKERS Men video series that premiered at The 2017 MAKERS Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, Calif. Watch John Le... Read More »

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Horrifying New Study Finds a Woman Has Zero Chance of Getting Hired If She’s Up Against Men

By Jillian Kramer If you really want a job, you better hope your main competition is female. Why? According to a recent study published in the Harvar... Read More »

Study Finds Men are Less Attracted to Intelligent Women

It turns out there's a downside to having both beauty and brains. A new study finds that men "showed le attraction toward women who outsmarted them,"... Read More »

What Scared Wes Craven the Most About Women (It's Really Sweet)

Iconic writer, director, and producer Wes Craven died yesterday at the age of 76. Craven's many contributions to film and the horror genre are what he... Read More »

#LeanInTogether Celebrates Men Who Support Equality

MAKERS is excited to play a part in’s campaign #LeanInTogether, which encourages men to show they’re for equality and asks women to celebra... Read More »

The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Men

At The 2014 MAKERS Conference, the audience viewed this unique mashup video above that exposes how MAKERS really feel about 50 percent of the populati... Read More »

The 2014 MAKERS Conference: Manbassadors

What exactly is a "manba ador"? At the 2014 MAKERS Conference, a few manba adors showed up to explain just exactly what they believe in. NEXT: All Abo... Read More »