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Miss America

Mississippi’s First Miss America Dies After Battle with Breast Cancer

Mary Ann Mobley was friends with William Faulkner, performed high-flying circus acts, and acted in movies with Elvis Presley. She was not your average Miss America. Read More »

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Miss America: Standards of American Beauty Over the Years

How Miss America has evolved over the past 93 years, reflecting changing ideals on beauty and brains, style and scholarship. Read More »

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Miss America Contestant Loves Coding, Wears 3D-Printed Heels

“I feel like being a female at Tech, it’s kind of your duty to break stereotypes,” says Maggie Bridges, a senior business administration major at Georgia Tech. Read More »

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About Face: Military Service and Miss America

I fully admit it—I’m steeped in judgment about beauty pageants as an industry, and I still wrestle with assumptions about the women and girls who participate in them. Read More »