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Mother's Day

14 Quotes to Inspire Your Mother's Day Appreciations

Mother’s Day isn’t until May 10 this year, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about your mom. The wonderful thing about this holiday is that there is so much to celebrate. Read More »

These Amazing Mothers Are Changing the World

Meet seven kick-ass moms who are making the world a better place for all of us. Read More »

12 Quotes to Celebrate Moms on Mother's Day

We've learned from many of our MAKERS' stories that so much of their strength, courage and fearlessness comes from their mothers. Read More »

Happy Mother's Day to Our Trailblazers!

The MAKERS collection includes more than two hundred interviews with trailblazing women, and one of the most prominent threads that strings together these women from all different backgrounds and circumstances-- from Read More »

What's the best piece of advice you learned from your mother?

With Mother's Day around the corner, we wanted to find out what the best piece of advice or wisdom is that you've learned from your mother.  Read More »

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The World's Toughest Job

Sometimes advertisements hit the nail right on the head. Read More »

Happy Mother's Day! 10 Quotes From MAKERS On Their Mothers

Happy Mother's Day! MAKERS is happy to take this opportunity to honor what it means to be a mother and the impact mothers and motherhood have on the incredible women who make up  Read More »

Celebrate Why Your Mother Is A MAKER By Sharing Her Story!

On this Mother's Day, MAKERS invites you to share why your mother is a MAKER by uploading her story. Read More »

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The Many Ways to Celebrate Moms

My mother always hated mother’s day.  She grew up in 1930s Germany where the Nazis emphasized motherhood as the duty of women to the state - she claims they invented the holiday as a way of increasing the population for the Third Reich’s evil purposes. Read More »