NBC Recruits Jane Lynch for "Relatively Happy" Pilot to Play One Awesome Role

Though "Relatively Happy" producers Matt Mutchnick and Jeff Astrof originally planned to have the role of character Bobbi Martin be played by a man, t... Read More »

Megyn Kelly Leaves FOX for Daytime NBC Slot

FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly announced Tuesday that she is leaving the network for a new role at NBC News. "I have decided to end my time at FNC, incre... Read More »

"Xena: Warrior Princess" Is Returning with a New Spark

The reboot of the '90s fantasy series "Xena: Warrior Prince " will be triumphant for many reasons. If the leathered heroine of Ancient Greece hasn't a... Read More »

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Baltimore Teen Blows Judges Away, Proving America's Got Talent

After opening up about being homele and living with friends and family, 14-year-old Jayna Brown gave the performance of a lifetime on "America's Got... Read More »