New York

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Calls for Increased Funding to Combat Hate Crimes

While hate crimes have never ceased to exist, their recent escalation in the United States has introduced a long overdue call to action. In an attempt... Read More »

What Would You Look Like On the $10 Bill?

Women currently account for more than half of the United States' population, yet the faces of women are mi ing from a basic nece ity of American capit... Read More »

Sarah Jessica Parker and Others Show Support for Turnaround Arts

This week, Sarah Je ica Parker paid a visit to Ebbets Field Middle School in Brooklyn, N.Y., in order to help promote the nonprofit organization, Turn... Read More »

Yes Means Yes: Affirmative Consent Is Now Law for New York Colleges

Major progre geared toward combatting campus sexual a ault was made when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that requires all New York univ... Read More »

Misty Copeland Makes History After Being Named Principal Dancer

Misty Copeland made history Tuesday when she was named the first African-American female principal dancer in American Ballet Theatre's 75-year history... Read More »

This Place Holds the Most Startups Founded by Women

Sure, Brooklyn has acquired a reputation for having its share of hipsters, craft brews, and brownstones. But according to a recent finding by CrunchBa... Read More »