Pay Gap

How Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally Views the Gender Pay Gap

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New Study Reveals the Annual Cost of the Gender Pay Gap

Leading up to Equal Pay Day at the beginning of April, the National Partnership for Women and Families released extensive research on "America's Women... Read More »

UN Women's #StopTheRobbery Campaign Aims to Close the Gender Pay Gap

There is a 23 percent global gender pay gap, and UN Women are ready for combat with their new campaign: #StopTheRobbery. The women's organization crea... Read More »

Study: Female Workers' Pessimism Could Actually Be Encouraging the Gender Pay Gap

The gender pay gap is seriously the worst, no matter which stats you subscribe to: Estimates in salary difference between men and women in comparable... Read More »

Sheryl Sandberg Discusses Importance of Gender Equality in the Workplace at World Economic Forum

"I don't think it's po ible to overstate how important stereotypes are," MAKER Sheryl Sandberg said at the 2017 World Economic Forum, according to For... Read More »

Icelandic Women Protest for #EqualPay in This Very Poignant Way

Even in a country with progre ive gender politics (adequate family leave, and a healthy ratio of women in the workforce), pay gap still plays a signif... Read More »

Good News: Apple Says It Has Closed Its Gender Wage Gap in the U.S.

In a new report, Apple has announced it has closed the gender wage gap among its U.S. employees — and pledges to close any remaining gaps worldwide as... Read More »

The Feds Are Taking On Hollywood's Huge Sexism Problem

By Jillian Kramer Hollywood has a serious gender problem. But, it would seem, something is finally being done about it. The ACLU announced Wednesday... Read More »

How Does Equal Pay Day Affect You?

By Caroline Ghosn Equal Pay Day is a day that affects every single one of us. Did you know that due to the wage gap, in 2014, we women worked for free... Read More »

Women Earn as Much as (or More Than) Men in These Cities, and Here's Why

By Jillian Kramer We know that myriad factors affect the gender pay gap. But just how wide that gap is, a new study shows, can depend on simple geogra... Read More »