Why Men Need to Help Pay for Prenatal Care: It Takes Two to Tango (and Make a Baby)

Earlier this month, Republicans in congress introduced a bill that would replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Read More »

Could Chemotherapy Help Increase Fertility?

According to a recent finding by scientists at the University of Edinburgh, ABVD — a treatment used for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma for chemotherapy — may actually increase a woman's fertility by helping them produce more eggs. Read More »

Some Hospitals are Offering Laughing Gas to Women in Labor

As The Cut writes, labor is "no laughing matter," but if it could be made a little less painful with the help of some laughing gas, then why not? Read More »

This Study Revealed a Medication Could Potentially Help Create More Eggs Once Your "Biological Clock" Runs Out

Some of the societal pressures for women to have children young may have just been lifted, thanks to Professor Evelyn Telfer of the University of Edinburgh. Read More »

Proposed Laws in the UK Ask for Greater Protections for New and Expecting Working Mothers

After several instances of concern were raised for new and expecting mothers in the United Kingdom, the Commons Women and Equalities Committee decided to step in. Read More »

Why This Woman Started a Website to Support Pregnant Bosses

Seventeen editor-in-chief Michelle Tan was recently fired while on maternity leave, an event that reignited a conversation about the backlash women still receive Read More »

Birthing Costs Vary Widely Depending On Which State You Live in, Says New Report

News flash: Babies are expensive. So if you're thinking of bring a bundle of joy into your life, it's only smart to have a bundle of cash, too — if only to cover the expense of delivery. Read More »

Why More American Women Are Dying During Childbirth

You would expect that as time goes on and medicine advances, the things people used to die from would present less of a risk — particularly everyday, normal processes like childbirth. And in most parts of the world, that's true: The proportion of women dying while in labor is decreasing. Read More »

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A Doctor Explains What It's Really Like to Treat Women With Zika

We've been seeing Zika all over the news lately, but few of us know someone who has personal experience with it. OB/GYN Christine Curry, however, knows several. Read More »

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South Korea Found a Way to Ensure Pregnant Women Get Seats On the Subway

In subway systems around the world, pregnant women face difficulties getting seats. But for pregnant women in South Korea, that may no longer be a problem. Read More »