Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman to Bring Weekly Topical Talk Show to Hulu

Hulu will premiere a new original series starring MAKER and long-time comedian Sarah Silverman. Read More »

Sarah Silverman Goes Dark in "I Smile Back"

Several years ago, the writer Amy Koppelman, author of the 2008 novel "I Smile Back," about an upper-middle-class, suburban soccer mom’s struggles with depression and substance abuse, was driving down New York City’s West Side Highway listening to Howard Stern interview Sarah Silverman about her Read More »

Here's What Sarah Silverman Has to Say About Feminism and Comedy's Boys' Club

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Candid Father-Daughter Photos of Young MAKERS With Their Dads

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9 Women on Entourage Who Gave the Bros a Run for Their Money

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Sarah Silverman Says It's Time for Women to #Ask4More

To encourage women to ask for what they deserve, Levo has launched a #Ask4More campaign, with support from Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, and Natalie Morales. Read More »

Another Reason to be Excited for 2015: Sarah Silverman's New Show

If 2014 saw the rise of women-led TV, 2015’s going to mark a rocket launch. While shows like Girls and VEEP will continue, some of our favorite creative minds are launching new projects. Read More »