Sixth Grader From Maine, Molly Neuner, Pens #IAmNotADistraction On Her Arm Revolting Against Dress Code

Sixth-grade student Molly Neuner from Portland, Maine, just spearheaded The King Middle School's biggest resistance against the school's sexist dress code. Read More »

High School Prom Asks, Creepily, "Are You Going to Be a Good Girl?"

"Going to Stanton prom? Yes you are. Good girl," is what a photo reads that's tacked to the bulletin board next to three others that read, "Going to Stanton prom? No you're not." Read More »

This Teacher Just Won a $1M Prize for Teaching Acts of Hope and Kindness

Maggie MacDonnel spent the past six years working in Salluit — a remote Arctic village in Quebec that can only be reached by air, and is home to 1,300 Inuit indigenous people. Read More »

This School in India Was Created for Grandmothers

In Maharashtra, India, there's a classroom of almost thirty students — all of whom are grandmothers. The school named Aajibaichi Shaala (meaning the "school for grandmothers") was created to give women over 60 more independence by combating the country's growing literacy problem. Read More »

NYC Is the First to Hire an Equity Coordinator; Here's Why Your City Needs One

New York City hired a gender equity coordinator to ensure that the public school programs and curriculums are equal. New York City will be the first city to do this with their pick for hire: Kimberly Shannon. Read More »

Your Ultimate Back-to-School Guide

As summer winds down and school season approaches, we're making the transition easier by offering you the ultimate guide to help you prepare for the first day of classes. Read More »

Around the World, Girls Get Better Grades Than Boys

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