Lab Candy Allows Girls to Imagine Themselves as Scientists

Lab Candy, founded by 22-year-old scientist, Olivia Pavco-Giacci, aims to enable young girls aged from kindergarten to third grade to imagine themselves as scientists. Read More »

These March for Science Posters Are Perfect for Women's History Month and Beyond

With the intention of bringing the momentum from the Women's March into March and beyond, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya has created six customized posters to recognize the many powerful women in STEM. Read More »

6 Incredible Female Founders Making a Difference in STEM

Getting down to the nitty gritty shows that while women have become increasingly likely to get an education and a job, censuses continue to prove that the number of men is disproportionately higher than that of women in the fields of s Read More »

Did You Know Marie Curie Got Her Start at a Secret Women's University?

Scientist Marie Curie would have absolutely been a MAKER — her scientific research in the 19th century has forever changed the way we see the world. But the renowned mother of modern physics and radioactivity had an educational history that many don't know about. Read More »

Intersex Traits Are Not All That Uncommon, Says Science

While many of us are brought up to believe there are only two sexes and therefore two genders, our society is quickly becoming non-binary. Nothing is simply black or white, there are 50-plus shades of everything. Read More »

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Meet Nettie Stevens: The Genetics Pioneer Who Discovered That Sex Is Determined By Chromosomes

Born 155 years ago today in Vermont, biologist Nettie Stevens was a pioneer in modern genetics and an activist who sought to bring female scientists to the forefront. Read More »

What You Need to Know About the Woman Who Ignited the Environmental Movement

American marine biologist Rachel Carson challenged the patriarchal world of postwar science and the nation's chemical industry with her unprecedented book, "Silent Spring" on the detrimental effects of pesticides on birds. Read More »

Oprah to Star in HBO Film About Henrietta Lacks Whose Cells Changed Medical History

MAKER Oprah Winfrey will be starring in a new HBO film she describes as a "passion project" that was  Read More »