Janelle Monáe: "Until Every Man Is Fighting for Our Rights, We Should Consider Stopping Having Sex"

Janelle Monáe is always right. When she wears something, it's the right thing to wear. When she makes a song with Erykah Badu, it's the right song to... Read More »

Meet Nettie Stevens: The Genetics Pioneer Who Discovered That Sex Is Determined By Chromosomes

Born 155 years ago today in Vermont, biologist Nettie Stevens was a pioneer in modern genetics and an activist who sought to bring female scientists t... Read More »

This Video Explaining Consent Using a Tea Analogy Is Everything

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary's simplest definitions of the word, consent is a verb meaning "to agree to do or allow something" or a noun me... Read More »

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Yes Means Yes: Affirmative Consent Is Now Law for New York Colleges

Major progre geared toward combatting campus sexual a ault was made when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill that requires all New York univ... Read More »

Claire Dunphy and the Serious, High-Strung, Sexless Moms on TV

By Caitlin Moscatello Ever since ABC's Modern Family first aired back in 2009, I've had a soft spot for Claire Dunphy, the high-strung wife and mother... Read More »

ThrowBack Thursday: Dr. Ruth

For our week on women in STEM, this ThrowBack Thursday goes to MAKER and sex therapist Dr. Ruth. Ruth Westheimer grew up an orphan of the Holocaust an... Read More »