Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Woman's Letter "To the Guy Who Took My Picture Without My Permission" Goes Viral

Ashley Mason Brown took to The Huffington Post in an open letter written to the guy who took her picture without her permi ion. "You took my picture t... Read More »

Samantha Bee Creates "Full Frontal" Video for Women's Victory Passing Rape Kit Bill

On Wednesday, Samantha Bee aired a "Full Frontal" segment on the just-pa ed bill that allows the thousands of rape kits that were "sitting untested in... Read More »

Penis Seats On Mexican Metros Are Highlighting Women Who Face Sexual Violence On Their Commutes

On a Mexico City subways, chairs have been turned into "penis seats." The seats, deemed "exclusively for men," feature a protruding chest and a penis,... Read More »

225-Year-Old Harvard Club Breaks Silence On Why Women are Barred

After decades of remaining silent, the 225-year-old Porcellian Club at Harvard is finally offering an explanation on why women are banned from enterin... Read More »

MAKERS Takes a Stand for Sexual Assault Awareness Month

This April we are sharing inspiring stories all month long for Sexual A ault Awarene Month. While each of our MAKERS champion women's rights and have... Read More »

Powerful Videos Highlight Inspiring Stories to Mark Sexual Assault Awareness Month

By Jennifer Gerson Uffalu y In 2015, more than 150,000 people called the National Sexual A ault Hotline — a staggering number that will likely increas... Read More »