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Strong, Powerful and Inspiring: Girls Owning Their #GameFaces

To be a top athlete, you not only need a body that's in peak condition, you need to have the right mindset, too. The few minutes before stepping onto the field (or court!) is when an athlete flips the mental switch that gets him or her in performance mode.  Read More »

11-Year-Old Girl Takes Hockey World By Storm

Nevermind the Stanley Cup playoffs — leave it to a vivacious 11-year-old girl to have the hockey world buzzing. Read More »

Sam Gordon Kicks Off First All-Girls Full Contact Football League

The Utah Girls Tackle Football League tackled gender barriers when it allowed young girls to play contact football beginning May 23. The Salt Lake City-based league is believed to be the first girls-only full contact tackle organization in the United States. Read More »

For the First Time in Over a Century, the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race Includes Women in the Main Event

The famous Oxford and Cambridge boat race has finally given women equal water. In the past, women have competed a week before the men, with little fanfare. Read More »

The NFL Maintains a Culture of Victim-Blaming and Domestic Violence Tolerance

The NFL's reaction to Ray Rice punching his wife is another example of the League's failure to address domestic violence.  Read More »

Football Star Sam Gordon is Back on the Field

After a year's hiatus to make the Olympic Development soccer team, Sam Gordon is back to football. We revisit her talk at the MAKERS Conference.  Read More »

Women in Sports: Playing with the Boys

From MAKER Lisa Leslie, the first woman to dunk in a pro game, to Violet Palmer, the first female NBA referee, women have been a big part of basketball history. Read More »

5 Things to Know About the Only Woman in the Kentucky Derby, Rosie Napravnik

Tonight, amid the excitement of mint juleps and fancy hats, Rosie Napravnik will attempt to make history by becoming the first female jockey to ever win a Kentucky Derby.  Read More »

Firsts In Women's Sports History (Photo Gallery)

There's no doubt that there have always been athletic, strong, and talented women, but they haven't always had the opportunity to compete. MAKERS takes a look back through photos at firsts in women's sports history. Read More »