Hillary Clinton Still Dominates the Popular Vote

For those of you #StillWithHer, Hillary Clinton's lead in popular votes is still growing — nearing 2 million. Read More »

These Affirming, Empowering Post-It Messages Women are Leaving Each Other at Google Will Warm Your Heart

Guys might make fun of women for bringing their girlfriends with them to the bathroom, but as many of us know, there's a certain kind of female solidarity that exists only in the ladies room. You bring your friend with you for a pep talk when her ex and his new girlfriend show up at the bar. Read More »

Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Supporters Aren't Giving Up the Fight

Though Donald Trump won the most electoral college votes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around Read More »

Post-Election Thoughts From Our MAKERS: Don't Give Up

President Obama said it himself: the sun is up. And with that, we're reminded of the progress we have made, and the work we will continue to do. Read More »

Let's Keep #ImWithHer, and Make It a Rallying Cry for All Women

For many American women, the election of Donald Trump is the worst case scenario. In an upset that may feel catastrophic to the female body and psyche, a man who has openly expressed his disregard for our gender and our needs has won the highest office in the land. Read More »