Recent Survey On Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Shows Strikingly Little Improvement Since 1976

According to a recent study conducted by Redbook, 80 percent of surveyed women have experienced sexual hara ment at work, a statistic showing little i... Read More »

New Study Reveals That Spending Time With Your Girlfriends Can Actually Help You Live Longer

If spending more time with your loved ones wasn't among your resolutions for the new year, this study may encourage you to make it one. Because it's o... Read More »

Study Finds That "Gendered" Toys Can Keep Girls From Careers in STEM

A recent study by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has revealed that "toys with a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)... Read More »

Study Reveals a Mother's Relationship With Child Impacts Success

You might want to re-think those times you got annoyed by your mother's seemingly endle storytelling. Recent studies show that a mother's sensitivity... Read More »

This Study Is More Proof That Sexism Is Real

In a recent study for the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, conclusions were found that seem to prove the existence of sexism, whi... Read More »

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Sorry Dad! New Research Shows Your Kids' Intelligence Probably Comes From Their Mom

As Redbook puts it so perfectly, "In the case of your intelligence, "I got it from my mama" couldn't be more accurate." No, but seriously. A recent st... Read More »

Recent Study Shows Most Men Think Sexism Is Not an Issue

Believe it or not, a recent study conducted by PEW Research Center shows that a majority of men actually think that sexism is no longer an i ue — they... Read More »

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Is the Gender Wage Gap a Reflection of the Manager Divide? Studies Say Yes

According to a recent study on gender equity conducted by Visier, despite the small 8 percent improvement in the wage gap over the last 20 years, rese... Read More »

Majority of Senior-Level Women in Tech Face Sexual Harassment, Survey Shows

By Jillian Kramer Last February, tech exec Ellen Pao sued venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, alleging her former employer promoted men ahead of wom... Read More »

Women Earn More Than Men in This Top-Ranking Corporate Position

Men may have the higher hand in the wage gap disparity in the U.S., but women may be the ultimate winners when it comes to certain corporate leadershi... Read More »