Transgender Rights

Donald Trump Says Transgender People Should "Use the Bathroom They Feel Is Appropriate"

Donald Trump took a stance last week on the "TODAY" show that┬ámany of his followers oppose:┬áthat transgender people should be allowed to use whatever... Read More »

Like the NBA, the NCAA Is Moving Championships From North Carolina Due to HB2

Following the NBA pulling the All-Star game from North Carolina due to the transgender bathroom law, the National Collegiate Athletic A ociation (NCAA... Read More »

The Obama Administration Just Defended Transgender Rights in a Major Way

The Obama administration has long been vocal about its support for the transgender community and its latest mandate further reinforces its commitment... Read More »

NBA Pulls All-Star Game in North Carolina Over Transgender Discrimination Law

Earlier this year a bill was signed in North Carolina that prevents transgender individuals to use public bathrooms for the sex they identify with. Ho... Read More »

There's Just One Word to Describe Loretta Lynch's Defense of Trans Rights: Fierce

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch delivered a powerful me age on Monday regarding North Carolina's discriminatory bathroom bill, proving that she is... Read More »

Federal Judge Won't Allow Title IX Argument In Transgender Teen School Restroom Case

By Jennifer Memmolo A transgender teen is facing an uphill battle as his legal team's main argument was thrown out by a federal judge on Monday. Gavin... Read More »