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How Hillary Clinton Went From Presidential Candidate to Wandering Folk Hero

Hillary Clinton may not be the president-elect millions of Americans had hoped for. Read More »

Feminist Twitter Is Really Running With #NameAPenceMusical

If you haven't heard, Vice-President Elect Mike Pence got booed when he walked in to take his seat at a performance of Hamilton last night. The cast, however, had gotten word he'd be attending and prepared a message for Pence, which they shared, speaking directly to him, at curtain call: Read More »

Hillary Clinton's Celebrity Supporters Aren't Giving Up the Fight

Though Donald Trump won the most electoral college votes, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by around Read More »

Trump Supporters Tweet #RepealThe19th to Protest Women's Voting Rights

A map by FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver went viral on Tuesday. Read More »

Leslie Jones Jokes About Nude-Photo Hack During Emmys

Leslie Jones just got the last word on her Twitter harassment and website hack — and in a big way. Read More »

Twitter Is Apparently OK with Rape Threats Toward Women

Twitter trolling, the catcalling of the Internet, is an issue that many women have had to deal with — so much so that last year Rep. Katherine Clark demanded the Department of Justice intervene to protect against cyber abuse. Read More »

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As Free Speech Becomes Cyber Bullying, When and for Whom Do Social Media Platforms Draw the Line?

After very recent episodes of cyber bullying against Taylor Swift and Leslie Jones (for separate reasons), executives of Twitter and Instagram took to their respective platforms to suspend users and delete comments in order to remedy the damages from reported abuse. Read More »

#LoveForLeslieJ: Celebrities Take a Stand Against Racist Tweets Directed Toward Leslie Jones

Just before the "Ghostbusters" premiere, actress Leslie Jones was having a hard time finding someone who would design her dress because she is not "sample size." Read More »

Why Being Called a 'Bloody Difficult Woman' Like Theresa May Is Actually a Good Thing

British conservative politician, Ken Clarke incited a Twitter storm yesterday after he called Theresa May — a favorite candidate for the position as the next British prime minister — a "bloody difficult woman." Read More »