Iran's First International Marathon Bans Women From Participating

The 'TehRUN,' which took place in Tehran on Friday is considered the Iranian capital's 'first international marathon.' It was not hard to identify the lack of women as the streets flooded with male runners. Read More »

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Get to Know Author Megan Marshall and Her Life's Work Studying Women's Stories

Author Megan Marshall is no stranger to unearthing the stories of women. Most recently, Marshall studied five women over the last three decades and plans to share her findings in an event on Tuesday at the New York University's Center for the Study of Transformative Lives. Read More »

This New App was Created to Ensure Women Stop Getting Interrupted

BETC, an ad agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil, created the app "Women Interrupted" in honor of International Women's Day. The app listens to all of our conversations and then calculates how many times men interrupt women in everyday life — a title dubbed "manterrupting." Read More »

Here's How Women's Day Will Be Recognized Internationally

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8 by women and men from different countries, time zones, and backgrounds — all united under feminism. Read More »

The Best Photos of History-Making Women Hanging Out Together

Ever since we started our photo collection of Awesome Women Hanging Out Together, we've been on the lookout for photos that show women conversing and collaborating, images that prove Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference Welcome Video

MAKERS brings together hundreds of trailblazing leaders, inviting everyone to #BEBOLD at its third conference that shines a light on issues ranging from violence against women to inclusion of men — ultimately creating a bold agenda that flips the script and creates lasting impact. Read More »

3 Things Trump Wants to Change That Affect Women

The result of this election has affected many people across the country. Donald Trump becoming the 45th president of the United States could directly impact minorities, LBGTQ communities, people of the Muslim faith, and women. Read More »

MAKERS Honors Veterans Day With LIVE Interview About Female American Veterans

MAKERS honored Veterans Day with a live BUILD Series interview featuring a group of women veterans sharing their stories along with filmmaker Brittany Huckabee for their documentary "After Fire," an eye-opening look at the challenges faced by the fastest-growing group of American veterans: women. Read More »

Watch: The Women Who Won Election 2016

MAKERS is determined now more than ever to ensure that women have an equal voice and leadership role in America today. While we didn't break the highest, hardest glass ceiling, women made history in this election and MAKERS is committed to tell all women's stories. Read More »

The 10 Things Women Have to Deal With That Men Have No Idea About

Being a woman is rewarding but sometimes it's not always easy. We don't just wake up looking fabulous with a full face of makeup, nor do we love the possibility of not getting a job because we are of a certain age. Read More »

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