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Women in Hollywood

Jessica Alba Talks Motherhood and High Expectations

As one of Hollywood's notable starlets, an incredibly successful businesswoman of a $1 billion dollar company, and family woman, Jessica Alba seems to effortlessly epitomize the modern women. Read More »

Photos That Perfectly Capture Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay's Friendship

With Taylor Swift's gang of girlfriends globetrotting the world together giving us serious #SquadGoals, it's hard to remember the merits of a friendship between just two BFFs. Read More »

Here's Everything We Know About Amy Schumer's Next Big Comedy Movie

We're starting to feel an Amy Schumer void: The season-three finale of "Inside Amy Schumer" has come and gone. We've obviously seen (and loved) "Trainwreck." So what's a Schumer lover left to do — besides YouTube clips of her hilarious stand-up routines? Read More »

Amal Clooney Inspires a Dishy Legal Thriller

By Julie Miller Read More »

5 Reasons Why Drew Barrymore's New Book is Bound to Inspire

She's been through it all — and we're anxiously awaiting the release of her next book. Read More »

How Can We Feature More Female Superheroes In Movies? This Video Has the Answer

It seems that there's always a new superhero movie coming out. So, can someone explain to us why there aren't any recent movies focusing on female superheroes? If they can save the day in print in comics, we're pretty sure that they can do the same on the big screen.  Read More »