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Woman Named Deputy Chief of Historically Male-Dominated Federal Agency

A woman will now command the Border Patrol, an agency that has been traditionally male-dominated. Last month, Carla Provost was elevated to deputy chief, making her the first woman to hold that role in the federal agency's 92-year-history. Read More »

15 Important Jobs in the US Women Have Yet to Have

Women have made tremendous progress since they joined the workforce in the 19th century. And since then, there have been numerous historic firsts. Read More »

What Women Leaders Have to Say About the Brexit

Britain is now officially leaving the European Union, a historic decision made by referendum. Read More »

The World's Most Powerful Women

With great power comes great responsibility. Knowledge is power. Before we acquire great power we must acquire wisdom to use it well. Power is something we think about. A lot. And powerful women - that inspire, lead and fight, no matter their position - are women we rightly admire.  Read More »

Women Earn More Than Men in This Top-Ranking Corporate Position

Men may have the higher hand in the wage gap disparity in the U.S., but women may be the ultimate winners when it comes to certain corporate leadership roles. Read More »

The UN Member Countries Rally to Nominate a Woman for This Position

Even at the United Nations, women are fighting for a seat at the table. Read More »

Watch This UN Women PSA For Women's Equality Day

Today marks the 95th Women's Equality Day in the United States! Read More »