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women in STEM

Complete the History Books: Women in STEM

MAKERS fills in the history books with the untold stories of women in STEM. Read More »

Exclusive: The White House’s New Initiative Writes STEM Women Back Into History

The world has always benefitted from the scientific accomplishments and technological ingenuity of women--their stories just haven’t always been told. A White House audio initiative launched Thursday aims to shake up that silence. Read More »

Read Einstein's Encouraging Note to Marie Curie and Remember to Ignore the "Reptiles"

On Friday December 5, thousands of documents by Albert Einstein were made accessible online through The Einstein Papers Project. Read More »

Karlie Kloss Joins Campaign to Get Girls Coding

After walking in the Victoria’s Secret show in London, Karlie Kloss is winging back to the States to help girls learn about code. Read More »

GoldieBlox Goes Life Size in the Thanksgiving Day Parade

On Thursday’s 88th Annual macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, revolutionary toy company GoldieBlox showcased a girl-powered float--the first in history to celebrate engineering amidst a stream of cartoon characters and choirs. Read More »

GoldieBlox's Smashing New Ad Echoes Apple's '1984'

Debbie Sterling's mission is to change the gender gap in engineering, and she's making it happen by disrupting the girl's toy industry. Read More »

Want to Run a Top Company? Study Science

More than 30 percent of the women on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women in Business list studied science for their undergraduate degree, including number one Ginni Rometty, Chairman and CEO of IBM. Read More »

Around the World, Girls Get Better Grades Than Boys

How boys are getting left behind. Read More »

Maryam Mirzakhani is the First Woman to Win the 'Nobel of Math'

The Iranian mathematician is the first woman to receive the Fields Medal after 52 male winners. Read More »

Advice From Our Women in STEM

From Dr. Ruth to Sheryl Sandberg, the MAKERS in STEM have some great advice to share on how to succeed, marry the right person, and not take things too seriously. Click through the gallery to learn from leaders in STEM. Read More »