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Women's History Month

Complete the History Books: Women in Music

Gloria Steinem once said, "We have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven't been a part of history." During this Women's History Month, MAKERS will try to fill in some of those pages by highlighting stories from the past where women have been excluded. Read More »

8 Key Facts to Know About Modern Women's History

During Women's History Month, get familiar with some key facts about women's history and rights! Read More »

Women's History Month: What Everyone's Talking About

During Women's History Month, we're asking you who your #MAKERShero is. We've started the conversation on Twitter and the answers have been pouring in. To our delight, the women you've shined a spotlight on have been both well-known and unsung heroines. Take a look! Read More »

Conversation Starters for Women's History Month

Let's get the discussion going during Women's History Month!  Part of keeping women's history alive is to talk about their stories — whether the conversation is about a well-known woman or an unsung hero. Read More »

My MAKERS Hero: Bella Abzug

(Left: Ms. February 1973 issue Right: Mary Thom and Suzanne Braun Levine) Read More »

200 Years Of Women's Firsts

With the launch of our 200th MAKER, basketball champion Lisa Leslie, MAKERS is celebrating! Read More »

Women's Suffrage: The Women Behind The Movement You Thought You Knew

Girls in America don’t have to think twice about their right to vote. They are born with the promise that at eighteen, they can cast their vote. Read More »

Which Groundbreaking Woman Said This?

MAKERS is testing your knowledge of women's history! Do you know which incredible, groundbreaking woman said each of these memorable quotes? Read More »

MAKING HISTORY: Tavi Gevinson Becomes Editor-in-Chief of Rookie at Age 15

In honor of Women's History Month, we are celebrating with 31 days of women's history! Every day in March, we will highlight an historic moment, as told through the personal stories of our MAKERS. Read More »