The Epic Interviews of Barbara Walters' Pioneering Career - Plus 4 Revealing Quotes from 2014's 'Most Fascinating'

Barbara Walters only retired from TV journalism this year, marking the culmination of a long career hosting NBC's Today Show, ABC Evening News, and ABC Daytime's The View. In 1976, Walters became the first female co-anchor of network evening news. Since, she has interviewed celebrities, killers, and communist leaders. She generously asked people like Monica Lewinsky and Vladimir Putin, "how they would describe themselves," before launching into more pointed questions. With a knack for getting exclusive interviews and a talent for cutting to the chase, an interview with Barbara Walters is always multi-faceted and exciting. Whether she's in the studio or crossing the Bay of Pigs, she holds her own with everyone, in every setting.

Thankfully she's not totally out of the news cycle, either, now that she's brought back her annual "Most Fascinating People" interviews for 2014. With these interviews, she sought to get a more intimate look at very well-known people. Check out the most revealing quotes from her interviews below:

Taylor Swift addresses the haters

Pop artist Taylor Swift was frank about the sexist feedback she’s received as a songwriter. 

'If a guy shares his experience in writing, he's brave. If a woman shares her experience in writing she's over-sharing, or she's over-emotional, or she might be crazy, or ''watch out she'll write a song about you.’ That joke is so old and it's coming from a place of such sexism,' Swift said.

Oprah on motherhood

Oprah Winfrey made her views on motherhood clear: “I could not have had the life or the career in the way that I had it if I’d chosen to have children.” 

Chelsea Handler rejects the rules

When her E! talk show ended, the comedian wouldn’t have wanted to replace David Letterman or Craig Ferguson on their network talk shows. She told Barbara Walters she’s “not a network kind of girl,” continuing, “I don’t really play by the rules. I don’t like rules, I don’t follow them.” 

Scarlett Johansson on her insecurities

The actress spoke self-deprecatingly about her body, and when Walters asked if she minds being thought of as sexy, she responded, “I don’t know what it means to act seductively.” Which means she does it instinctively, which is awesome.

2014's Most Fascinating list is just a tiny slice of Barbara Walters' range. Meet the extraordinary variety of people Barbara Walters has hung out with and interviewed in her life by clicking through the gallery above. Then learn the lesser-known story--how Barbara battled her way into news' big leagues: