The Women of Saturday Night Live Reunite in Glamour

On February 15, Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th anniversary on live TV. The comedic institution invited every host, musical guest, and cast members and writers who’d been on the show longer than a year. Then they wrote sketches for everyone who RSVPed (it's going to be amazing).

In advance of the special, Glamour magazine united 17 of the show’s female alumnae and current cast members for an epic photoshoot and a series of revealing interviews about life on-set. Original cast members Laraine Newman and Jane Curtain joined modern legends like Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph, plus SNL’s newest woman, Leslie Jones

While clearly having a ball in their black-and-white ensembles, the hilarious women talked about their favorite characters and the sense of community among the cast. In Glamour’s video series, they also reveal which cast members make them break character most. It’s guaranteed you’ll giggle while watching these clips, and you can get a sneak preview below:

Amy Poehler’s costume preference “I liked the costumes depending on how easily I could take a nap in them. I always pitched a character called Sleeping Bag Lady, who just wore a sleeping bag, but it never caught on.”

Maya Rudolph on getting to know the women of SNL: “I moved to New York specifically to work on the show. I was looking for a community, and most of us women huddled up together. Drinking is always a helpful way to bond at SNL.”

Kristen Wiig on her character inspiration: “Gilly [the pesky schoolgirl] started with a silly face I made working late at the show one night. Target Lady was in fact inspired by a Target worker. Penelope came from listening to someone one-up people all the time. We all know a Penelope or two.”

Tina Fey on why Amy Poehler is a champion: “When I look back on Amy doing Hillary [Clinton], pregnant, with all the attention on those [political] sketches, she was like Derek Jeter batting in the World Series with a screaming crowd. She was never distracted by the noise. She just did it.”

The women of SNL appear in Glamour’s March issue, on newsstands nationwide on February 10 and available now digitally at See the full photo spread, photographed by Jason Bell, on


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