#ThrowBackThursday: Most Powerful MAKERS

In honor of the Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Women, we are dedicating this week's #ThrowBackThursday to the 12 MAKERS on the list.  

Our 12 MAKERS come from all different backgrounds and have pushed through tremendous adversity to reach the power they know today.  Some grew up abroad, others are from the projects of Brooklyn and backwoods of Mississippi. One MAKER was married to a prince when she moved to the states, another was a farmtown's homecoming queen, while another has had a life-long love affair with computer science.

But as diverse as they are, all our MAKERS have one thing in common. They are changing the world in big ways. And MAKERS is so proud to celebrate where these women are from, where they have been, and the amazing places they are going.

Take a look through the gallery to see throwback pictures of our 12 most powerful MAKERS and learn more about their fascinating pasts.