Tig Notaro to Host Oscars 2016? Yes Please.

Now that Sunday’s fanfare has begun to die down, comedian Tig Notaro has started a campaign to be next year’s Oscar host. In a frank blog post, Notaro lists 11 reasons why she should be the award ceremony presenter, including number four: “I’ve been known to perform topless just like Mr. NPH did.”

And number 10: “My relatives back home in Mississippi always say, “Why don’t you host the Oscars! You’d be so good at that!”

We also love number three: “Whenever I tour thru middle America, inevitably 3 people a week tell me I look EXACTLY like award show host favorite Ellen Degeneres.

We’re in total support of this campaign. With her deadpan style and infallible wit, Notaro would present an Oscars like never before—and we could use a refreshing turn of events. Read the rest of Notaro’s list to see why she’s fully qualified, then learn her story via MAKERS: