To My Father, Neil Bush


As Father’s Day approaches I find myself reflecting on what a wonderful dad I have - Neil Bush.  I am the firstborn of three.  Growing up he was always part dad and part friend.  I can’t remember one time that he ever passed judgment on me or my choices.  He was always supportive and encouraging.  Ill never forget sitting with him for hours at our dining room table as we drew up designs for a tree house I wanted to build in our backyard. We then went to the hardware store and bought supplies and within the same weekend, the tree house was up.  It was such an empowering feeling to have built something so stable and permanent, but the greatest joy was having done it alongside my Dad.


My Dad was always and still is an entrepreneur. The example he set for me and my siblings was to follow your dreams.  He never fussed over grades or schoolwork, but always stressed the importance of pursuing things that give you joy.  Much of the courage and determination I had to strike out on my own after college and start a company, FEED, was because of him. 


It is my Dad’s spirit that makes him so easy and enjoyable to be around. He is curious about the world, he is kind to those around him, and he has a wonderful energy that is always present and engaged.  He is also the first guy to cry while giving a toast or in a sad movie.  He is always positive, even in the face of negativity.   I strive to be like him in all these ways and more.  I love you Dad!