Uber Pledges to Create One Million Jobs for Women

On Monday, fast-growing ride-hailing app Uber announced that it plans to provide one million jobs to women around the world by 2020. Currently, 14 percent of Uber’s 160,000 US drivers are women. 

The global expansion will occur through a partnership with UN Women, and Uber plans to reach out to women in countries where both organizations have a presence. 

“We are going to collaborate with them and we are going to learn from them,” Uber General Counsel Salle Yoo said in an interview with Buzzfeed News, citing UN Women’s vast local knowledge. “They will teach us how to get our message out there. I believe women will tell other women [about this] as they see how this impacts their lives and we will have that virality.”

Uber is currently available in 55 countries, and thousands of new drivers join the platform every month. The company’s committed extension to women comes in the face of several reports that male Uber drivers assaulted female passengers

“Safety is the number-one priority for Uber,” Yoo said to Buzzfeed. “We continue to learn and evolve … women drivers bring a lot of real life experience. As a company, [listening to women is] where we should start.”


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