Wendy Clark: Lift as you climb

When Wendy Clark was a child, she moved with her family from England to Florida. The shift to unfamiliar terrain had an unexpected effect on Wendy; she gained a sense of fearlessness she carried with her from then on out.

Now the Senior Marketing Executive at Coca-Cola and a mother of three, Clark discusses the importance of lifting other women up as you climb the ranks at The MAKERS Conference. She encouraged everyone to "celebrate what works for you and bring people along for the ride with you."

Clark acknowledges a clear business opportunity. She explains that $20 trillion in consumer spending is controlled by women and 80% of consumer goods purchases in the US are influenced by women. However, women make up 50% of the global talent pool, and 60% of the master's degrees earned in the US are by women. Her vision is that by 2020, the workforce will be comprised of 50% men and 50% women at all salary grades. Clark thinks that there are enough men in the boardroom and that it's time for more women to advance. "At some point, the world is going to run out of black shoes and black shoes."