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We're Giving Away 4,000 Samples of Paco Rabanne's Scent, Olympéa

We're Giving Away 4,000 Samples of Paco Rabanne's Scent, Olympéa

Fragrance is a powerful thing: it can evoke a memory, communicate an emotion and create a lasting impact.

The right perfume can capture a mood and become as entwined with a woman's everyday wardrobe as that handbag that holds everything you need it to or the pair of heels that effortlessly help you walk from boardroom to bar.

The new scent on our minds this autumn? Olympéaa fierce and feminine perfume from storied fashion house Paco Rabanne.

Olympéa is a scent that captivates because it's a blend of contradictions: it's sensual yet strong, forceful yet feminine, sweet yet spicy. 

Salted vanilla is at the heart of the fragrance, which combines with a base of sandalwood and ambergris and top notes of green mandarin, ginger lily and hydroponic jasmine for a perfume that's inviting, intoxicating and easy to wear.

This bold fragrance comes in a stylish bottle, which takes its inspiration from a laurel crown and pays homage to goddesses past and present.

Olympéa is brought to life by Brazilian model Luma Grothe, who embraces the feminine strength and power of the scent. Most importantly, it does that thing we want all fragrances to do: makes us feel totally fabulous, and totally like ourselves.

Ready to join the goddesses of Mount Olympus and try the scent for yourself? Now's your chance: Paco Rabanne is giving away 4,000 samples of Olympéa. For free.

To receive your sample, all you have to do is enter your details below:


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Photo Credit: Paco Rabanne