Which MAKERS Topped the List of TV's Highest Paid Talent?

Whether this comes as a surprise to you or not, based off of research done for Variety's October 4, 2016 issue, Judge Judy Sheindlin is (by far) the highest paid person — not just woman — on all of television.

Making an estimated $47 million per year, Judge Judy doubles the annual salary of Matt Lauer ($22-25 M), Ellen DeGeneres ($20 M), Bill O'Reilly ($18-20 M), and Kelly Ripa ($16-20 M).

While she out-earns all reality stars, hosts, news anchors, actors, and actresses, several MAKERS made the list of those with the highest salaries in all categories — comedy series, drama series, and reality series.

According to Variety, the survey is a "snapshot of the earnings power of talent at all levels in primetime, late-night, daytime, and news" and are estimates that do not include income from other "projects, licensing and merchandising, and business ventures."

Click through the gallery above to see which MAKERS made the cut.

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